Baby It’s Cold Outside: Stop the Shivers with Swanky Scarves

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By: Kim Donahue  - Student Journalist - By: Kate Murphy  - Student Journalist -
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With Mother Nature shoveling in forecasts of brisk breezes and winter wonderlands, we react with layers upon layers of clothing to keep warm. A perfect solution to weather the wind chill is through scarves. Fashionable and functional. Not only do scarves keep your neck warm, but they also have evolved into a fabulous fashion accessory.

Scarves are totally versatile. This simple piece of fabric can come in every color, pattern, and material imaginable. This means that they are the perfect accompaniment for any outfit. Have a plain old t-shirt? Just add a scarf and BAM. Jeans and a baggy sweater? Perfect. Cardigan and leggings? You bet. Night out on the town? Ooh la la! Scarves can transform any and all outfits. And the age old question: can men wear scarves? Heck yes. We personally love it when guys pair a scarf with their overcoat. That has sophistication and class written all over it. We wouldn't mind snuggling up with you to keep warm.

Aside from the visual and fashionista benefits of scarves, they also serve a rather important function: warmth. Walking from Lot 17 can be devastatingly bone-chilling. Before you brave the elements, grab a scarf. Your neck will thank you. Choose cashmere and wool in the winter to protect your from the chilly conditions. What about spring or summer? Lean more toward the "airy" fabrics, such as soothing silks and cooling chiffons. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, scarves are our answer for fabulousness.

Another plus is that scarves don't have to break the bank. Whether you want to whip out a seriously couture designer scarf or if you're looking for something simple, chic, and timeless, scarves can come in an array of prices. You can even make your own scarves from old t-shirts. It doesn't get much cheaper than that folks.

We hope you see the beauty in scarves as much as we do. Floral or solid, striped or polka-dotted, knitted or satiny, scarves can be the pizzazz to liven up any outfit in your wardrobe. Not only will you stop Mother Nature in her tracks, but you'll look stylish doing so.

Ta ta for now,

Kate and Kim