Annual All-Abilities Ball on the Horizon

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable
By: Jordyn Kirk  - Student Journalist -

The sixth annual All-Abilities Ball hosted by the College of St. Scholastica is just over a week away.

The ball will be held Sunday, April 13th, from six to nine p.m. in the Benedictine Commons. It is a formal event, so feel free to dust off your suits, ties, and fancy gowns for an evening of music, dancing, and revelry.

"To see the members of the community come and see that they belong is important, especially as many of them didn't have the best experiences with high school dances and other formal events," said Annie Archambeau, who helped to coordinate the event.

Included in the Ball are prizes, a live DJ, food, educational resources, and the Ball's staple goldfish. This year's theme is rainbow, so feel free to take your own spin on the concept, be it elegant and classy, or nostalgic and fun.

"Administraition has been very supportive of our efforts this year, by sharing our vision to make this ball an annual event that is truly part of our campus's events," said Archambeau.

Before the ball was held at St. Scholastica, it was hosted at Spirit Mountain. A few years ago, it was moved to the College, to make it more accessible for students and members of the community. The College is easier to get to, and it makes it easier for students to get involved.

"Our school works really hard on having many events to celebrate different races and different cultures, but there are really no other events that specifically celebrate different abilities," said Archambeau. "It's really important for people to have that exposure, and the Ball should be considered just as important as the various other events held on campus."

Archambeau stressed that the dance is impactful for everyone, despite their various abilities.

"There's something about the children and how they bring a light and energy to it, and no matter what challenges they face they're happy and positive," Archambeau said. "They're just kids and they don't dwell on their differences."