All Eyes on the Titles

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By: Andre Smith-Hill  - Student Journalist -
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The UFC, NBA and NHL all have their eyes on the championships in their respective sports.

With so much happening in sports, it would not make sense to close in on one aspect of this past weeks events. From the UFC, to NBA, to NHL, playoffs and title fights have taken up all the spotlights in the sports world.

Jon Jones successfully defended his title against a Glover Teixeira, who hadn't lost a fight in 20 matches in the UFC. The 5-round fight went to a decision in which the judges scored the contest 50-45, meaning Jones won all 5 rounds. Jones now improves to seven consecutive title defenses, the most ever in the Light Heavyweight division. Jones was a technician all night, picking Teixeira apart in every aspect of the fight.

"It was a lot of improve," said Jones after the fight. "The game plan was to stick takedowns and pick him apart from a distance. I realized he was winding up on his punches so I switched game plans and fought at extremely close range."

One knock against Jones lately has been that he has an untested chin. He has never allowed anybody to land a significant amount of strikes against him so nobody could attest to whether or not he could take a punch as well as he gives them. Teixeira landed a few powerful strikes throughout the course of the fight, allowing Jones the opportunity to silence all the critics.

Unfortunately for the NBA, Donald Sterling has been taking away some of the playoff spotlight due to the video that has recently went viral, a video that will likely see him suspended indefinitely as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Despite Sterling's atrocious statements and personal views, the playoffs have been exciting as ever. NO surprise the heat swept the Bobcats, but the 8 seeds in both the eastern and western conferences have been making noise against unlikely odds. The Atlanta Hawks are currently up 3-2 in the series against the Indiana Pacers and the Dallas Mavericks are tied with the Number 1 seeded San Antonio Spurs.

There are a total of four series who are tied at 2-2 (as of Tuesday). Lamarcus Aldridge and the Portland Trailblazers are not a part of that group, as they try to knock off the Houston Rockets. Aldridge is the front runner as of right now for the 2014 NBA playoffs. In the first four games of the series Aldridge has 141 points and 46 rebounds. Portland is on the road to not only get past the first round, but make a run towards the Western Conference Finals.

The MN Wild has the state of hockey on the edge of their seat as they have battled back and forth against the Colorado Avalanche. The heartbreaking loss in game 1 was a difficult one to swallow with the game in arms reach, up by two goals late in the third period.Since then, the wild have forced the series to a 3-3 tie, with the game heading back to Colorado for game 7. Although the Wild will not have the home ice advantage, the way this series has played out it is anybody's game.

It is arguably the best possible time of the year to be a sports fan. Both the NBA and NHL finals are taking place, baseball is in full swing and the UFC is always going on. Within the next month, championships will be won and kings will be crowned. The best is yet to come.