Al-Bob is Found within Hours

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable

By Taylor Okeson

The search for the missing Al-Bob is a tradition that has been around since 1999, when the men from the Second West hall in Somers decided to turn their tin-foil Halloween decorations into a giant ball. This 70-pound ball of tin foil was then hidden around campus for students to find and win a $100 reward. After a two year break, CAB restarted the tradition on Monday, April 7. Many searched for the missing Al-Bob, but none were as lucky as Connor Blacksher.

It was a typical Monday morning for Connor, as he headed to school at 7am to work on some homework before his school day began. Being a graphic design intern for the marking department, he had planned to meet with Sarah Libbon at 8:30 that morning. Upon arriving at her office near the Saint's shop, Connor was informed that the meeting had been cancelled. Luckily, he had not checked his emails. While chatting for a while, Connor looked out the window and saw something unfamiliar in the courtyard.

"I saw a giant silver ball that looked out of place. I asked Sarah what it was and we both thought Al-Bob," said Connor. "I asked her how to get out there and ran down the IT hallway and grabbed it. Carrying it back in, I stole a dolly and brought it to the CAB office, after taking pictures and tweeting about it."
Needless to say, the CAB crew was a bit bummed that Al-Bob was found so quickly. "We were so excited to bring the legacy back and it was over before we started," said CAB leader Jake Spartz. "However, this is not the first time it has been found on day one. I mean it's difficult to hide a 70 pound ball of foil and, because of the deep snow that would show our tracks, we were pretty limited to where we could go. Again though, it was crazy it was found so quickly. I was not expecting at all to wake up to a message saying it was found."

Jake plans to redeem himself with the hunt for the Mayfest medallion. "This year I am hiding the Sorcerer's Stone and I guarantee it will not be found day one, so my message to all is good luck! You'll need it!"
As for Al-Bob, he will be returning early next year.