56 Nights Events: Past, Future, and Present

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable
By: Tayler Boelk  - Student Journalist -

This year, the 56 Night's events were expected to be a big hit intending to give students more on-campus weekend activities, many clubs have been putting on events such as board-game night and karaoke. Despite the expected popularity of these events, it seems that fewer students have been showing up lately, leaving some clubs with a bit too much pizza. But with all the time and effort put into these events, the real question is, why aren't as many students attending?

Sophomore Breyanna Agee said, "I feel like they were more popular last year because I lived in the dorms. Living in the dorms, I feel like you know about more things. When you live in the apartments, you're kind of in your own little world." This is not the first time students have said they are unaware of the events being put on, although it does seem to be more common knowledge in the dorms.

Sammy Yocum, a freshman in the dorms, says, "The word gets around quite well, but I think a lot of people might delete the emails because they are student community emails." It does seem to be that many people hit the ‘delete' button if the subject line doesn't catch their interest, but how else can the clubs reach the student community so efficiently? Sammy thinks that more posters and advertising in the Cable might help spread the news to those who aren't fond of email. Another suggestion was a campus events Facebook page.

It is a possibility, however, that some students are choosing not to go because they feel it is not worth their time, Freshman Tasha Engesser disagrees. "I have met several people at 56 Night's events that I now talk to on a [regular] basis. It's also a great way to see classmates outside of class to form those relationships which make time in the classroom more enjoyable. "

The clubs putting on these events have not given up on the CSS students yet. Northern Explorers, Campus Rec, and the Volleyball Club are putting their funds together to put on, possibly, the most exciting event yet. Tomorrow, February 22nd, they are putting on a wide array of events in the Burns Wellness Commons/OP. From 9pm-2am you can come for Cosmic Climbing, Just Dance on Kinect, and Laser Tag!

Laser tag will consist of three events: Capture the Flag, 8-Person Team Tournaments, and a Free for All. For Capture the Flag there will be two teams, with the goal of getting the opponents flag back to your base. For the Team Tournaments you can come with your own team prepared or find a team when you arrive. And then of course, the Free for All! Every Saint for themselves! If you feel like you are getting tired, don't worry, pizza will be delivered around midnight!

If you have any questions you can contact Nick Lundquist at nlundquist@css.edu or Kelsey Thompson at kthomps5@css.edu. See you there!