Macroeconomic Roots and Fundamentals of the Socio-Economic Approach To Management by Henri Savall

In developing the Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM), Henri Savall based his work on the economic and philosophical work of Germán Bernácer and François Perroux. Bernácer (Spanish) and Perroux (French) refused to fall into the Kensean or Marxist camps, and instead forged their own approach that combined parts of each. Their work is summarized, showing the roots of Savall's thinking. The approach offers an alternative understanding of what is possible in capitalism, and can be seen as the roots of socially responsible capitalism. SEAM supports socially responsible capitalism.

Key words: Socio-Economic Approach to Management. SEAM. Economics. Germán Bernácer. François Perroux. Socially responsible capitalism.

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