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  • The Theory and Practice of
    Socio-Economic Management

The Theory and Practice of Socio-Economic Management is a peer-reviewed journal established to promote knowledge, research, and the practice of the Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM). The journal's audience includes those in academia and practitioners in the fields of management, change management, and organization development.
SEAM Institute
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 © 2017 Olivier Lamboray, The Abduction of Elvis

The Challenges of Leading Healthcare Organizations by John Conbere & Alla Heorhiadi

 © 2014 Olivier Lamboray, Journey Through Time

Improving Effectiveness in a Rural Medical Center: CEO’s Story of his SEAM Journey by Dave Dobosenski

© 2017 Olivier Lamboray, La Gare a Papiers

The Art of Steering: Insights of a Nurse Executive by Laura Jensen

© 2015 Olivier Lamboray, Even Behind The Closed Door

How SEAM Could Help with Beaker Implementation in an Ambulatory Clinic Department by Amy Koskiniemi

© 2016 Olivier Lamboray, Abandoned Ship

How Dysfunction Shows Up in Non-Profit Healthcare and Why SEAM May Be the Answer to Overcoming It by Cheryl Throgmorton

 © 2015 Olivier Lamboray, Arcadia

The Art Featured in This Issue Is by Olivier Lamboray