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  • The Theory and Practice of
    Socio-Economic Management

The Theory and Practice of Socio-Economic Management is a peer-reviewed journal established to promote knowledge, research, and the practice of the Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM). The journal's audience includes those in academia and practitioners in the fields of management, change management, and organization development.
SEAM Institute
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(c) 2016 Carol Japha, Tulips, Day One

A Word From the Editor

(c) Carol Japha, My Father's Desk

Strategic Bedrock Theory and the Cohesion Leverage Effect by Henri Savall & Véronique Zardet

(c) 2016 Carol Japha, Window Box

Magical Thinking as Organizational Dysfunction by John Conbere & Alla Heorhiadi

(c) Carol Japha, Fort Hill

Developing Human Potential and a Learning Culture in Manufacturing by Alanna Kennedy

(c) 2016 Carol Japha, Eastham Winter

The TFW Virus on the Iron Range by Matthew J. Ollestad

(c) 2016 Carol Japha, Coffee Break

The Art Featured in This Issue Is by Carol Japha