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Inside the Huddle

Inside the Huddle

Saints football was featured this fall on a TV series called "Inside the Huddle at St. Scholastica" on Fox Sports North cable network.

All six episodes can now be found online, including a special playoff edition that aired on Dec. 3.

"Inside the Huddle" features interviews with new head football coach Kurt Ramler, players and alumni. It also includes highlights from previous home games and spotlight the off-the-field experience at St. Scholastica from a student-athlete perspective.

"I think this is a great opportunity to spread the word about what a great experience it is being a student or student-athlete at St. Scholastica," Ramler said. "This show will be a good window into our ‘Championship Football, Championship People' program."

Athletic Director Don Olson agrees.

"For a Division III institution like St. Scholastica to have the opportunity to be featured on a cable network like Fox Sports North throughout the season, we couldn't be more thrilled," Olson said. "It will not only enhance our football program's reputation, but also our athletic department and institution's reputation in general."