Values from our Benedictine Heritage

2017-18 Value of the Year | Hospitality

Benedictine Cross


Utilizing human resources responsibly. Providing wise and respectful use of all material and monetary resources. Promoting prudent use of resources and energy. Finding time for work, play and prayer in daily life, which will promote physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Allen Cruz standing in the doorway of Tower Hall on the Duluth campusStudent support services paved his way

Allen Cruz was introduced to Student Support Services in his Dignitas class. "I applied and got connected to a TRIO counselor," he said. "She was a very intentional mentor ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Cherishing and promoting the worth of all human life. Treating persons with dignity and reverence without regard to age, gender, race, minority, sexual orientation or economic status. Honoring and supporting the spirituality of each person. Valuing the dignity of all work. Promoting participation of all persons in the decisions affecting their lives.

Maddie Swenson and Professor Tom Zelman, Ph.D. holding up a book by SharkespeareAnd the young shall lead

Maddie Swenson’s research ended up inspiring a follow-up project for Zelman, leading to the first-ever joint faculty/student School of Arts and Letters Colloquium ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Sharing responsibility to create and support community. Creating a climate which promotes a sense of community while valuing the uniqueness of the individual. Manifesting an ability to adapt to circumstances without compromising our values.

Alicia Cyr sitting on a hillside overlooking downtown Duluth, MNSecond wind

Alicia Cyr pursued an MBA in Leadership and Change degree and now hopes to expand upon her strengths as an emerging leader — organizing strategies and engaging communities ... Read More

Benedictine Cross

Love of Learning

Preserving the intellectual and material heritage entrusted to us by past generations. Transmitting the treasures of human culture to new generations. Creating scholarly, artistic and scientific works which enrich and enlarge human life. Integrating thought and action as complementary aspects of a full human life.

Malyssa Brady working in the nursing skills labEntering the ICU

Change was constant during Malyssa Brady's childhood. Both of her parents were in the United States Air Force, and her family moved every few years. Amid all the change, one thing was constant — her love of medicine ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Creating a welcoming atmosphere personally and institutionally. Listening and responding sensitively to all. Extending warmth and acceptance to all. Welcoming new ideas and being open to change.

Natalia McNab from the UWS Office of International Programs talks with UWS students in the Greenview Dining RoomHospitality in action

The College hosted about 100 students evacuated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior on April 26 and 27 in the wake of an explosion and fire at the ... Read More