The Extended Studies Academic Year Timeline

Each academic year consists of three 16-week semesters, beginning with fall semester, continuing with spring semester, and ending with summer semester.

Within each semester are two shorter periods, or terms, which correspond to the length of most Extended Studies courses, which are eight weeks long. We call these terms Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1 and Summer 2.

Most Extended Studies undergraduate classes are four-credit classes, and are eight weeks long. However, a few four-credit Extended Studies classes run the entire semester, or 16 weeks.

Your financial aid award is good for one academic year. Each new award year begins in September, with fall semester, and ends with the last day of summer semester, in August of the following year. Your award covers only the semesters in which you take classes in that academic year.

When you register for classes each semester, you should always register for both eight-week terms at the same time, unless you plan to attend only one of them. Doing so will make your financial aid disbursements regular and predictable, thereby making your life as a student much easier!

2011-2012 Extended Studies academic calendar and registration dates.


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