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Position: Assoc Professor, SWK - Department Chair
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 723-7048
E-Mail: LGustaf3@css.edu
Website: View

Dr. Gustafson is the Social Work Department Chair and MSW Program Director.  Dr. Gustafson joined CSS in 2004 as the Department. Chair; special interests include addictions, group practice, research and program evaluation

Position: Asst Professor, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 723-7036
E-Mail: DGraff@css.edu

Dr. Graff teaches a variety of social work major courses on both the Duluth and FDLTCC campus. Dorothy joined the CSS Social Work Program in 2006; special interests include spirituality, women’s’ issues, and international social work.

Position: Assoc Professor, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 625-4430
E-Mail: cgunderson@css.edu
Position: Asst Professor, Social Work
Department: MSW- Masters in SWK
Phone: (218) 625-4484
E-Mail: ptracey@css.edu

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