Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are this year's Campaign priorities?

    The Faculty/Staff Circle of Excellence Awards remain the annual funding priority. You can designate your gift to support either traditional or GEO students.

  2. What are this year's goals?

    Participation is always the number one goal for this campaign! Last year we had a 35 percent participation. This year our goal is 100 percent participation.

  3. What is the deadline for participating in the Campaign?

    The Campaign runs October 15 through January 28, 2014.

  4. How can I find out how much I pledged last year - and which fund I chose?

    As always, you can e-mail College Advancement can provide you with details. If you currently give through payroll deduction, you can also look on Banner at your pay stub, and that will give you a bi-weekly snapshot of your pledge.

  5. Can I give to something other than The Faculty/Staff Circle of Excellence Awards?

    Yes you can! The online pledge form has an option of "other" and provides you the opportunity to indicate how you want your gift designated.

  6. Can I schedule a personal visit with a committee member?

    You bet! We would love to meet you—just give us a call.

  7. Who gets invited to the December "Deans" Holiday Party and President's Dinner?

    Donors who qualify for the December Holiday Party guest list are members of our Dean's Annual Giving Club or higher. This means donors who give annually $250 or more. For Faculty and Staff we lower this amount to $240 because we have many folks who contribute at the $10 per pay period level.

    Donors who qualify for the President's Dinner guest list give at the President's Circle level or higher annually. This amount is $1,000 or more.

    Visit the College's Annual Giving Clubs page for details.

  8. Is my gift tax-deductible?

    Yes, according to IRS guidelines.

  9. Can I use a credit card to make an online gift?

    Yes you can. The link below will bring you directly to the College's secure online giving page which allows you to make a gift using either a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card.

  10. Can I make a pledge now and pay later?

    If you do not choose payroll deduction as your pledge payment method—you can certainly pledge now and pay later. Pledges made in this manner will be due by fiscal year-end, June 30.

  11. Is there a way to designate a one-time payroll deduction (rather than spread out over 24 pay periods)?

    You certainly can. Click on the "other" payment method—and type in something similar to "one time payroll deduction on (whatever date you wish)." Please specify a month—you will be contacted as to which pay date in that month you prefer.

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