Homecoming Committee Members

Chair: Lisa Roseth, Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Co-Chair: Carrie Emslander, Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Antony Blackburn, Student Representative
Rebecca Brenna, Adminstrative Assistant, VP Enrollment Management
Stacy Deadrick, Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Carrie Emslander, Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Ruth Erdmann-Sluka, Director of Corporate Relations/Senior Major Gift Officer
Kelly Erickson, Assistant Professor, OTH
Shannon Hoffman, Director, Annual Fund
Heidi Johnson, Librarian, First Year Information Literacy, Assistant Professor
Laurajae Johnson, Admissions Counselor
Brenda Kimlinger, Administrative Assistant, College Advancement
Mary Lee, Coordinator, SAL
Joelle McGovern, Instructional Designer
Mary Meyer, Admissions Event Specialist
Marisa Sanderson, Coordinator, Student Activities
Stephanie Sklors, Assistant Director/Upward Bound
Kayla Skundberg, Student Representative
Elizabeth Simonson, Executive Director of Development
Kate Wieliczkiewicz, Coordinator for Res. Life/RHA Advisor
Cheryl Zupec, Marketing Planner