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WELLU's Mission is to create a campus culture that promotes a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Blog PhotoAre you interested in hearing about events, news, and hot topics from the WELLU more often than once a month? If so, check out our blog! Also, if you're interested in healthy recipes and nutrition, take a look at our "Dorm Good Food" Cookbook blog at!

Well U has a variety of resources available to you.  Including, online webinars that can be viewed from the convience of your own computer

Well U has produced a series of webinars, "Stewardship in Seconds", each of the 10-20 minute webinars is focused on a different dimension of WellU.  Topics range from Desktop dining to desk exercises and more.  Go to the Stewarship in Seconds tab to watch the webinars

You can also take a quiz after viewing the webinar to be entered into a monthly drawing!

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is the use of computer sensors to help you recognize the relationship between psychological processes and physiological changes within your body. With practice, you can learn to bring these processes under voluntary control and exert more control over your bodily responses to stressful events.

You will not only become aware of physiological signals, you will also learn to react to these signals so as to avoid stress, reduce tension and lead a more relaxed life!

Access the biofeedback & Emwave software at:
CSS Well U Resource Room (T26)
CSS Duluth Campus Library
CSS Duluth Campus Counseling Center
CSS Duluth Campus Science Commons Student Desktop-Sci3114

For more information, contact Julie Zaruba Fountaine at

WELLU Coaching Program Video Testimonial!

"Be a Steward of Your Health"

As one of our Benedictine Values here at The College of St. Scholastica, we take stewardship seriously. The value of stewardship asserts that, as a community, we utilize human resources responsibly by finding time for work, play, and prayer in daily life, which promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We encourage living out this value on a daily basis by taking care of the most valuable resource we have been given - ourselves. As educators and role models, we must model a culture of healthy living for our students and any new members of our community. Healthy living is not limited to physical fitness, but it also includes environmental sustainability, emotional balance, eating well, fiscal responsibility, physical health, and exploration of spirituality. The WELLU offers a variety of resources and activities that empower you to "Be a Steward of Your Health."

Storm's Advocates:

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As peer educators, working in collaboration with The College of St. Scholastica community, Storm's Advocates are committed to actively supporting their fellow students in making life choices that positively impact their health and well-being. 

Check out Student Health 101, our online student health magazine, that provides students with tips on how to get and stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Student Health 101 magazine is now available! Check out this months edition of SH101 today at, and enter to win $1,000. Check Student Health's 101 UCookbook and UFitness for great tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle!


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